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Andy is one of our favorite ponies of all time! This lovely pony is now in California. 


Achilles was one of our rescue horses we took in from Alabama. Achilles fell off of the trailer when he arrived, and left our farm ready for a job! Sadly Achilles had been neglected to the point of emaciation that had caused a heart murmur, and arrived with an embedded rope halter that had cut to the bone in tow places on his face. Thanks to a lot of love and support from the equine community, Achilles was able to have a full recovery and live a wonderful life. 


May 2012

Jan 2009


This precious pony is now our main lesson horse, and is a forever member of our family! 

April 2013


Sebastian is one of our absolute favorites! This lovely Irish Sport Horse gelding had unfortunately come to us in poor health, but is now in show condition and is a barn staple!

Hunter- Jumper Equine Sales and Training


This lovely mare is now qualified for Pony Finals 2016!

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